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★ Groundhog Trapping Near Pocopson, PA

Groundhogs (aka Woodchucks) have recently been labeled as High Risk of Rabies by the Center for Disease Control and the Pennsylvania Health Department. If a groundhog has scratched or bitten someone, it must be humanely euthanized and quickly delivered to the Department of Health for Rabies Testing!

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Are Groundhogs Digging Under Your Porch or Shed?

Groundhog Under Shed - Pocopson, PA

Groundhogs can be a relentless nuisance as well as a potential danger to homeowners in Pocopson, PA. Lawns and gardens can quickly be destroyed, foundations and footings can compromised, and the health and safety of your family and pets could be at risk. The dangers of an invasive groundhog:

Groundhogs are at High Risk for Rabies:
The Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control have assessed that Groundhogs are at High Risk for Carrying Rabies. Allowing groundhogs to live in such close proximity will also increase the likelihood of direct human contact. This is especially true when new mothers are protecting their young. These normally skittish and solitary animals can act with aggression when scared or provoked. Though all wild animals should be avoided when possible, this is now especially true with Groundhogs in Chester County area of Pennsylvania.

Extensive burrowing can weaken structure foundations: Groundhogs also burrow extensive networks of cavernous tunnels underneath sheds, porches, decks, and patios, which can lead to severe structural damage. The massive amounts of soil that they remove can cause poured foundations to crack and settle, and footings to collapse over time.

Lawns and gardens can be destroyed: Immediately after emerging from their winter hibernation, groundhogs begin eating everything in sight. As the season progresses, and the local population explodes, the damage begins to compound exponentially. In just a matter of days, a group of groundhogs can decimate an entire neighborhood worth of lawns and gardens.

Empty burrows invite other dangerous animals: In addition to the damage that Groundhogs can create on their own, they also encourage other (often more dangerous) animals to move onto your property. In the early winter months, while the groundhogs are beginning to hibernate, the local raccoons and skunk population move into the newly vacant burrow holes. Raccoons are particularly dangerous to have living in such close proximity, and often force their way into the attics of homes, to give birth and raise their young.

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5 Star Rating

"Groundhogs had burrowed under our shed and we wanted them out! We had Montgomery Wildlife come out to trap them, and then animal proof our shed. Very knowledgable crew, with great attention to detail. They gave us a 10 year warranty for their work, and we couldn't be happier with the results. "

Elizabeth Dutton - Doylestown, PA | Google+

5 Star Rating

I finally saw the huge groundhog that was eating all of the flowers in my garden. When I tried to scare it away, it ran into a big hole that it'd dug under the porch! Thomas from Montgomery Wildlife was incredibly helpful throughout the whole process. He trapped two groundhogs, and sealed up the whole porch, with a written guarantee that nothing would be living under there again. Great work by the crew, and great peace of mind.

Lindsey Rutherford - Pocopson, PA | Google+

★ Groundhog Exclusion Barriers - Warrantied Animal Proofing

Groundhog Burrow Hole - Digging Under Deck near Pocopson, PA

Montgomery Wildlife offers customized, burrow and bite-proof animal barriers, to protect your deck, sheds, patios, and porches, from any future animal infestations. These Groundhog exclusion barriers are installed by our highly skilled technicians, and rigorously tested for efficacy. All of our work comes with a 10 year, industry-leading warranty, though our high quality materials are rated to last for decades longer!

Our process has been perfected over the past 25 years, and in that time, we've never had a barrier fail to work as promised.

We also pride ourselves on leaving your property looking as beautiful as we found it. We try our best to hide as much of our work below grade as possible, as to not detract from the established aesthetics. When that isn't possible, we offer to color match all of our materials, so that they'll perfectly blend. If you never notice our work in the future, we did our job correctly!

★ Why Should You Choose Montgomery Wildlife?

Chester County, PA Animal Control

Montgomery Wildlife is different from most pest control companies, because we aim to solve your animal issues once and for all. We know how scary it can be to discover wild animals infesting your home! Animals quickly cause structural damage, they leave behind seriously harmful contaminates in their urine and feces, and there's a far greater risk of contact when they're living so close. This is why we take so much pride in being able to provide our customers with real peace of mind!

We provide targeted and humane trapping programs, but we specialize in the permanent exclusion of nuisance wildlife, from both residential and commercial properties. Our family and all our team members come from a background in finish carpentry, which gives us a unique advantage in the fight against animal infestation. Not only do our repairs and exclusion techniques look great, but we're able to guarantee all of our work with industry leading warranties. We guarantee that once we've gotten your pesky critters out, they won't be getting back in!

Don't just take our word for it! Check out some examples of our exclusion work below.

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