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Bat Removal & Rabies Testing

Bat Removal Near Montgomery County, PAIf bats have been found inside your home, try to stay calm. It doesn't want to be inside, and will try its best to leave. If no one has had direct contact with the bat, it can be allowed to fly out of an open door or window.

If someone has been bitten or scratched, the bat should be tested for rabies by the Department of Health. Once the immediate crisis has been averted, a complete home inspection should be carried out by trained professionals!
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Have Bats Taken Up Residence in Your Attic?

Emergency Bat Removal - Rabies Testing - Montgomery CountyBat problems can often grow unchecked for years before they come to the homeowner's attention. Bats are incredibly quiet animals, that keep to themselves, and are most active at night. It's usually not until a bat gets into the living space of the house that their presence becomes known.

If you suspect that there are bats living inside your attic space, you may need a professional's help.
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Bats are protected on a State and Federal level:
As a critically endangered animals, bats are protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. Their declining numbers have had a dangerous impact on the local ecosystems, so the restrictions on how an infestation can be handle has gotten even more strict. Federal and State regulations prohibit the killing of any bat, unless it's been found inside the living space of a home, since it would need to be tested for rabies. The only legal solution is a carefully orchestrated Bat Eviction and Exclusion Process.

Bats in the Attic - Bat Removal 19446Bat infestations never resolve themselves:
Once a bat colony has taken root inside of an attic, the damage will begin to compound exponentially. Pregnant females return from the caves each spring, to give birth inside the same attics they were born in. They bring along their female pups from the previous year, and the colony grows ever larger.

These colonies of bats never give up their home without a fight. Even after being evicted, they'll swarm a house of days, attempting to find any missed holes that they can squeeze through. Since a bats can fit through a hole as small as 3/8 of an inch, the animal proofing process must be thorough and meticulous!

Serious Health Risks Include:

Rabies Virus - Bat InfestationRabies: According to the Center for Disease Control, Bats one of the biggest carriers of the Rabies Virus in the US. Since rabies is 100% fatal if left untreated, The Department of Health requires all bat found in the living space of the house to be tested. This is especially important if anyone was sleeping in the house, or if infant children were present. Successfully trapping a bat for testing requires skill. It needs to be carefully captured, keeping the brain intact. Failure to do so often renders the results inconclusive, requiring all present to go through the Post Exposure Process.

Bat guano in an attic - Bala Cynwyd, PAHistoplasmosis: An infectious disease found in the feces (guano) that bats leave behind. These spores get into the air when the droppings have been disturbed, and the disease is contracted upon breathing in that contaminated air. This often happens when bat droppings are cleaned up improperly, or without sufficient safety equipment. These quickly accumulating droppings are very hazardous, and should only be removed by trained professionals. In some cases the damage is so great, your homeowner's insurance will to cover the clean up.

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5 Star Rating

"I woke up with a bat flying around my bedroom, and these guys came out at 2am to catch it. It was pretty terrifying, but they kept me calm-ish, and the bat tested negative for rabies. Next step, keeping them out for good!"

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5 Star Rating

"Montgomery Wildlife was the only company that actually answered their phone for our bat emergency last night. Tom came out at 4am to catch the bat in our bedroom, and consulted with the Health Department to make sure that my wife and I were safe. We're both so very grateful!"

Jerry Parker - Doylestown, PA | Google+

Bat Exclusion Services - Warrantied Bat Eviction

Exterminator's Ineffective at Bat Proofing

Bat exclusion projects are often very challenging to successfully complete. Bats can squeeze through impossibly small openings (3/8 of an inch), and don't give up their roosting spaces without a fight. This is why finding and properly securing every possible entry point around the roof-line is imparitive. It can also be a hazardous process, which is why we always recommend having a professional undertake the task.

Not a Job for Exterminators: Bats are classified as Nuisance Wildlife, which sets them apart from mice and other rodents. They are also federally protected animals, so humane, non-toxic methods of capture, eviction and exclusion must always be used to solve an infestation. Unfortunately, our customer's experiences with exterminators in this regard have been predominantly negative. If you're planning on hiring a company to solve your bat issues, make sure their solution is backed by an extended warranty!

Bat Exclusion Barrier - Montgomery Wildlife Our Process:

Once we've determined the most likely access points being used by the bat colony, we can begin the meticulous process of bat proofing. This requires us to go inch by inch around the roof-line, securing every opening, and preventing any future access points. Once 99% of the structure has been secured, one-way-exit systems can be installed at the active entry/exit points. This will allow all bats inside the attic to leave at night, but be unable to get back inside. The colony will swarm for several days, attempting to find new ways in, before moving on to another location.

All of our Bat Exclusion work is backed by an industry leading warranty. We can guarantee that once we've evicted your bats, they won't get back inside.

Why Should You Choose Montgomery Wildlife?

Montgomery Wildlife - Pennsylvania Animal Control

Montgomery Wildlife is different from most wildlife management companies, because we always aim to provide a permanent solution the first time around. It can be scary to find that your home is hosting a colony of bats, and that they may be causing serious damage. That's why we take so much pride in our work. Getting to provide our customers peace of mind is the greatest reward for a job well done.

We provide targeted and humane Bat Removal - including 24/7 Emergency Services. We also specialize in the permanent exclusion of all nuisance wildlife, from both residential and commercial properties. Our family comes from a background in finished carpentry, giving us a unique advantage in the fight against bat infestation. We can preserve the beauty of your home, protect it against every form of wildlife infestation, and provide industry leading warranties for all of our repair work. We stand behind our guarantee, that once your bats have gone, they won't be coming back. You can rest easy, knowing that your home is once again Animal Free!

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