Who We Are

Montgomery Wildlife is a family owned and operated business, with over 20 years of experience in the field of nuisance wildlife control.

We’ve spent years developing and perfecting the best possible techniques to successfully remove animal infestations from your home. The high quality and effectiveness of our work has earned us a fantastic reputation with our customers, helping us become the preferred wildlife company of local police station and municipalities in Pennsylvania.

We specialize in the humane trapping, removal and exclusion of nuisance wildlife, from both residential and commercial properties. As a company of animal lovers, the ethical and humane treatment of the wildlife we encounter is paramount. Because of this, we never use poisons or chemicals, unless absolutely necessary.

We take a lot of pride in the high quality of our work. We strive to work quickly and efficiently, while maintaining the highest possible standards. Our animal proofing techniques are designed to provide a permanent solution, while either complimenting the aesthetics of your home, or appearing completely invisible from the ground.

Our Qualifications

Our team of Wildlife Technicians have undergone years of training in Animal Behavior and Humane Trapping Practices, Advanced Animal Proofing/Exclusion Techniques, Health and Safety Standards, and Decontamination/Restoration Services.

We are fully licensed by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) and the Pennsylvania Game Commission. 

I'm proud to be part of a team dedicated to wildlife protection and community safety."

Mekhi Jackson

Client Testimonials

"Thom and his crew were true professionals and helped us clear out countless birds nests from behind our shutters and sealed them up beautifully so that they will never come back. I highly recommend Tom to anyone dealing with a similar issue; you will be glad you called him!"
bats flying over forest
Robert Bauscher
"We called Montgomery Wildlife when we found bats in our attic last summer. Thomas did a thorough inspection of our whole house, and took the time answer all of our questions. He worked with our insurance to get us coverage, and his team solved the problem quickly and efficiently. My wife and I highly recommend them!"
Samuel Marsden
"Montgomery Wildlife was very responsive and able to come to my house quickly. They were able to complete the bat exclusion in one day and I was impressed at how aesthetically pleasing the work was. Would definitely call again with any wildlife issues I face."
bats flying at sunset
Kyle Forrest