squirrel on a tree

We offer humane trapping programs for squirrels, groundhogs, and possums utilizing industry best practices to ensure the safety of both the animals and property owners. We monitor our traps using motion activated camera systems to allow for timely pickup upon successful trapping. 

What to Do After a Trapping Program

The animals have been trapped and removed, but you’re worried about the problem coming back in the future. Now what? Oftentimes it is beneficial to consider a permanent exclusion barrier following a successful trapping program to prevent the animals from coming back. Most animal issues stem from vulnerabilities on the exterior of a home or building that animals take advantage of to take up residence. Trapping and removal is a crucial first step, but most problems will not be permanently solved without installing an exclusion barrier to repair any vulnerabilities and prevent new animal tenants from moving in. Learn more about our exclusion solutions here. 

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