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Animals can wreak havoc in attics, basements, garages, or anywhere else they may take up residence in your home or business. Not only can they cause physical damage, they also cause contamination that can be dangerous to the health and safety of your home. Once the animals have been removed, it is important to decontaminate and restore the damaged spaces.  Our team is trained in the latest health and safety standards to make sure your home or business is protected. 

Health Risks of Animal Infestation

  • Urine and Feces Contamination: Strong odors from urine and feces can saturate your attic space very quickly. While these smells are offensive to us, it serves as a big neon sign to the other animals in the area, that your home is a perfectly place to inhabit. Bringing in more squirrels that can carry everything from fleas and parasites, to potentially serious pathogens.
  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome is a severe upper respiratory disease that can be carried in the urine, saliva, and feces of the common squirrel. A person may be exposed to Hantavirus by breathing in contaminated dust, after disturbing (or cleaning up) droppings and/or nesting material. Symptoms can include: fever, muscle aches, shortness of breath, severe coughing, and even needing to be hospitalized.
  • Leptospirosis: Humans become infected when exposed to water, food, or soil, containing urine from a squirrel carrying the disease. The disease can also be transmitted through direct contact with bodily fluid, as the bacteria can enter through broken skin, or through the mouth, nose or eyes. Symptoms include: fever, headaches, weakness, and severe vomiting.
  • Salmonella: This bacteria is once again transmitted when humans consume food contaminated by the animal’s feces. This can also occur through secondary contact. Salmonella can lead to severe cased of Gastroenteritis, and Enteric fever septicemia (blood poisoning), resulting in death. This is most dangerous in the very young and the elderly.

Insurance Coverage Options

Due to the dangerous contamination that can come from an animal infestation, insurance coverage may be an option for covering the cost of remediation. Our team will review your insurance policy and work with your insurance carrier directly to give you the best chance of getting coverage. 

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